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windräder adobe stock label

Environment & resources

Free of coal and nuclear power

All Mö-Grill branches are operated 100% with green electricity.

Green electricity is not a legally protected term. It is therefore not always easy for consumers and customers to see what the message is. Which environmental benefits are achieved? Or is it just a label behind which nuclear or coal power is hidden?

The "Green Electricity Label" creates the necessary transparency by only certifying providers whose electricity actually and verifiably comes from renewable sources.

Short transport routes

cope electrically

Our sausages are not only sold in the heart of the city, but also made.

Electric vehicles are predominantly used on these short transport routes.

Optimizing our packaging

To take away please - but environmentally friendly. We keep the use of materials for service packaging as low as possible. There are sensible alternatives to plastic for many products. Our contribution to environmental protection - packaging from renewable, recycled or certified sources.

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