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From the farmer to the grill

Quality assurance for meat, animals and feed. The QS inspection system guarantees cross-level quality assurance for meat and meat products. It begins with the inspection of the feed and continues with the cattle, pigs and poultry holdings.

Animal-friendly husbandry, regular visits to the vet, hygiene controls and the responsible use of pharmaceuticals are among the most important QA requirements for animal owners. In addition, animal owners are only allowed to feed with feed that comes from QS-certified manufacturers.

Strict hygiene rules apply to meat processing companies. In addition, the goods must be continuously cooled, properly packed, clearly labeled and correctly stored.

Only products that have passed the QS scheme at all levels are allowed to carry the QS certification mark. The blue QS certification mark stands for complete quality assurance - from the farmer to the grill.


The HACCP concept

We implement the HACCP concept at the Mö Grill.

Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Point is a system for preventing risks associated with handling food. It was developed to ensure the safety of consumers when consuming food and to guarantee compliance with hygiene regulations.

An effective HACCP system is proven through the documentation of all processes and reports.



At the Mö Grill, this term does not only refer to the products offered, hygiene regulations or environmentally friendly service packaging. Quality permeates the entire company with its diverse areas.

A satisfied customer is the greatest quality feature.

Our employees are the heart of the business. Fair working conditions, appreciation and respect among colleagues ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. And our customers feel and appreciate this friendly cooperation.

Quality also includes the use of the latest technology.

Grilling without smoke ... that works too.

Modern, multi-stage extractor systems ensure

that odor nuisance and environmental pollution are excluded.

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